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 Welcome to our guide to the best free avatar sites on the web. An avatar in the simplest form is just a picture or image to represent you. You can use it on a profile or web page if you don't want to use your own picture. We begin with small, simple avatars. These do not allow much customization, but they are easily downloaded, and don't take up much space on your computer.
Scroll down the page to get to the large Sims-style customizable avatars.

 ******Do not download Zwinky until you read my review below!******

Small Avatars
These are only a sample of what is available on the various sites. Click on a site name to visit them and see their selection of free avatars is a good place to get an avatar quickly and free. They have quite a few animated ones, also celebrities. has a huge group (over 50 pages) of avatars available free to customize and edit. has a large selection of avatars, many sci-fi and fantasy. They also have backgrounds, textures, artwork and other images for your page, all free.  has a good selection of customizable avatars, free. Some of them are quite large.

Avatarsdb has a varied selection of nice avatars, some animated, all free.

Evonet has a good selection of free avatars, some of them animated. has a great selection of bright, well defined cartoon avatars, free. They also have many anime and TV/movie avatars, some animated. has a great selection of free avatars, many animated. has lots of avatars, free. They have many anime avatars and celebrities. has free avatars and wallpapers. Many bright and colorful ones. has a varied selection of free avatars, including many Tomb Raider, werewolf and grim reaper avatars. has a good selection of free avatars, including a lot of nice abstract ones. has a great collection of colorful avatars, free. They're a great place to get little avatars that fit anywhere. has a large image gallery of free avatars, including Second Life, Buffy,and a lot of cool space images. has many free avatars, including a great StarWars selection. They also have lots of Halo, X-men and LOTR avatars. has a good collection of free avatars, including many game characters.

Large Customizable Avatars

These avatars are highly customizable and can be made to look almost exactly like you. They use more space on your computer and some of them have high system requirements, so if you're running an older computer they may not work.They also ask you to join their website and give them your e-mail. I joined them all in the course of writing this guide, and have received no spam, so four stars to them all, except ZWINKY. They're on my sh*t list. (see their review below for a clue from Mary) is an online community that offers free anime style avatars and chat. They will work even on most older computers. They do not require a download. has free customizable avatars available for your IM service and you can download them to your cell phone, too. Their animation is limited, but they are cute, and will work even on older computers.  lets you build an avatar in flash and animate them. They're fun and you can post them anywhere. Meez will work even on older computers if you can download the latest Java program. Meez do not require a program download. has cute free avatars that fill your computer full of spyware when you download the MyWebSearch toolbar they come bundled in. After you remove the toolbar they leave a bunch of files in there, stuff like m3IMPipe.exe, M3SKPLAY.EXE, MWSOEMON.EXE,  the ever lovely F3SCHMON.EXE, and a bunch more. I spent an afternoon digging leftover files out of my computer after I deleted their toolbar, then had to get a new spyware remover to get rid of them. You will notice there is no link to their site. FreeVideoGameSite will never give a link to a site that installs spyware. *****DO NOT INSTALL ZWINKYS AND THE MY WEB SEARCH TOOLBAR.*****

Large 3d Avatars - Virtual Worlds

The sites below will let you join free. If you like your avatar and enjoy chatting you can buy credits to get clothes, real estate, cars, pets,  practically everything else you can think of, and some really unbelievable stuff you haven't thought of.. These worlds are quirky, colorful and fun. Some people think it's silly to spend real money on a virtual version of yourself, but all entertainment costs money. Compared to movie tickets or your cable bill, these games are a real value for the hours you spend there, and you get the fun of meeting and interacting with other people. You can grope your partner or fight it out with your enemies. If you liked Sims, you will probably like any of the sites listed below. is a chat service you can join and create your avatar free. Their program works even on some older computers, and their avatars are highly customizable. They have a great variety of movement, interaction, (kissing, fighting, etc.)They also feature highly varied virtual worlds and allow your to participate in these settings with other peoples avatars in a one-on-one chat or group setting. The amount of clothes and number of eyes, feet, hair, and other assorted avatar parts is enormous. Their program will work on most older computers, even though it may chug a bit and lag. On newer
computers, it works like a charm. will let you join and create an avatar, free. Their avatars are very lifelike and detailed. Their virtual world is huge and lets you buy real estate to locate a house or nightclub in. The small images below don't really do them justice, so check out their screenshots when you visit. They require at least a Pentium III and new graphic cards to run, so be sure to check the system requirements before you download.
Copyright 2007, Linden Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved. has wonderful, customizable avatars and will let you join their service, free. Like Second Life and IMVU, the choices for customizing your avatar are many and they have all sorts of virtual worlds to chat in. They require at least a Pentium III and new graphic cards to run, so be sure to check the system requirements. has avatars available free when you join their community. They are called Mini-Me and are customizable and lots of fun. They require at least a Pentium III and new graphic cards to run, so be sure to check the system requirements.

That's all we have for right now, but this section will be kept updated, so be sure to bookmark this page and check from time to time for new sites. Have fun with your avatars!



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