Apology from Jason   (Haight St Losers 4 1/2)

 Hey wassuppp guys? Sorry Iím so late with the strip, but you know what? I kinda started before I was really ready last month, I didnít have all my equipment, etc, cartoonistís shoulder acting up....

 So anyway, I went out and bought some 3d equipment, some light effects and some really good pot and got all inspired and shit. Wow. Iím glad I live in California. So what was I saying, dude? I forgot.

 Oh yeah. About Haight St. Losers #5. Itís late. Like by a month. Well, donít worry, man, I got it handled now. Got all my stuff done right. Weíre cruising right along. Hey, is that a cop behind us? No, just an ambulance. What do you mean, you threw the weed out?

 Losers #5 will be ready Saturday. Thanks for reading my blog, USED ELECTRONICS, these last several years. Micah Kolding (Garnet and Gure) and me will be appearing on a new site soon, watch for announcements here! We are working on the new site, thatís the real reason Iím so late. I wanted to let everybody kind of represent themselves here a bit, so hereís Stormy. Sheís gonna help me show off some of the new light fx I got.


                                                             I hope you liked these pinups!

                                                           New Haight St. Losers this Saturday!



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